Early Bird
$30 [Weekend Pass]
$100 [ includes food, drinks, covered seating area and a cool down zone]
Weekend Passes

The Briar Patch Music Festival was created in 2010 by Jeb Tabb, Brandon Lovering, and Bo Henry. These natives of Damascus, Ga wanted to better their community through live music with many different genres.


    What better way than a festival to accomplish that. In a musical landscape polluted by the same old two or three radio stations with the exact same Nashville pop playlist, the Briar Patch is bringing meaningful, thoughtful, and entertaining music that would otherwise never be heard in this area.


    This festival is here to change the culture of South Georgia music by bringing "The Real to the Field". The Briar Patch is located at 13810 Five Bridges Road Damascus, Ga. It embodies all of what you think of in a rural farming community.


    The stage lies in between cotton, corn, and peanuts field in one of the most peaceful environments to ever see your favorite band perform. Bring a tent, lawn chair, cooler, and have the musical experience of a lifetime.


13810 Five Bridges Road, Damascus, Ga


13810 Five Bridges Road, Damascus, Ga